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About Us

Micro Chip


KalculArt builds software and test tools that meet tight requirements and handle large and complex tasks. Debuting as a consulting company in real-time operating system and embedded systems, Kalculart delivered various solutions in aeronautics, space and railway.

Our clients need unique solutions for visual simulation and automation.

We design and build outstanding solutions since 2008. Moreover we take pride in delivering topnotch service.

Kalculart mission is to  design world-class solutions that reduce our clients time to result. We are specialized in building unique digital solutions for our clients - from system integration to special purpose applications. We also help businesses to seamlessly adopt new technologies through a tailored assistance. We’re familiar with the latest smart factory platforms.


Our client business operations require a proper balance between their production systems and the market demand. 

In order to efficiently face any growth opportunity with less overhead, diverse organizations such as research, manufacturing, engineering, media and entertainment relied on our experts to tailor robust solutions.

We provide with flexible and ready to use infrastructure to help organization scale their IT to face any market shift.

Kalculart is empowering innovative companies all around the world with scalable and on-demand High Performance Computing systems without their maintenance costs. We take pride in delivering topnotch solutions to our clients as we consider their success to be central.


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