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Mechanical Engineer

Test & Simulation

Streamline your project in a virtual environment

You are adopting new technologies to better react to market demand while still supplying many customers with legacy products. Your new investment should guarantee a seamless migration without downtime. Or you plan to reduce your loss by releasing the perfect product. Kalculart can help you simulate your production system and predict how your product will work in real use cases.

Leverage Digital Entreprise Solutions

Give your company the tools for a full control:

  • Digital Twin

  • Retrofitting

  • Virtual Commission

  • Hardware-In-The-Loop

Do you have a new project in mind? Our experts have tailored solutions to fit your need.

Digital Twin of your physical asset to train your team

Success requires an increase in knowledge. To reduce uncertainty and maximize result you need to educate your team with topnotch simulation software that guarantees a perfect understanding of its involvement. With our virtual training software you will gauge any real-world situation before engaging your effort. You will approach reality with confidence and benefit quickly what was learned.

Virtual commissioning allows a seamless integration

Your organization is quickly growing and you are planning to modernize your shop floor by acquiring the latest technological tools. Mixing legacy

and new equipment or processes might be daunting. Kalculart can assist you by testing  the integration of your new equipment in a virtual environment. That virtual commissioning will help prevent any production downtime.

Retrofit your legacy equipment and let it compete again

Your equipment or software is very productive but needs a fine tuning to face the new market requirement. New acquisition is not always the best option. Retrofitting your equipment will help gain more benefit from it. Our experts will make complex become easy. We will devise the best solution. to maintain your productivity.

Hardware In The Loop

Physical testing comes with many costs: human operator availability, noises, weather condition and hardware availability. Testing a specific functionality might require preemption of an entire equipment and interruption of a whole team. The wait time for an operator to run it's test can cause major delay in the delivery of a project.

Hardware In The Loop solutions only isolate the physical component to be tested while the whole equipment is simulated.

Image by Florian Krumm

What do you get? 



Compute power to tackle your high-end simulation or post-production jobs.



Scalable infrastructure to face critical situations and manage most demanding operations.

Computer Programming


Software and development environment to fully leverage your HPC system and solve most complex problems.

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