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All you need for your digital transformation

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Deliver Fast And Accurate Results

Kalculart helps businesses of all sizes manage their production challenges with ease by taking advantage of high performance computing solutions.

Security & Networking

Share data and communicate faster through a secured environment

Installation & Support

Available staff to commission and maintain your equipment   

Smart Manufacturing

Control your factory assets with reliable sensor data and analytics

Research & Development

We build Proof Of Concept and retrofitting to reduce downtime 

We’re Committed to Your Success

Gain performance insights or run a major product simulation with outstanding precision and speed. We are specialized in building unique digital solutions for our clients - from system integration to special purpose applications.


Reduce your time to result. 

Our experts have solutions for:

  • Automation

  • IIOT
  • Digital Twin
  • Storage 
  • Networking
  • Virtual machine
  • Cyber-Security
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How we solved it

Our experts assist companies of all size to solve complex needs. We understand your industry and we are familiar with the latest technologies.

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