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High Performance Computing


HPC is benefiting a broad range of activities such as research, manufacturing, engineering, media and entertainment.

Orchestrate simulation, machine learning or storage task using fastest processors, GPUs and networking infrastructures. Our combination of latest Intel, AMD, InfiniBand and Nvidia resources will take a load off your mind from concept to product. 


Kalculart is committed to provide the most innovative technologies around high performance computing. Our team of experts and partners are always designing and benchmarking new solutions to better support your business or organization.

We offer consulting, training deployment and maintenance services.

Security & Networking

Share data and communicate faster through a secured environment

Installation & Support

Available staff to commission and maintain your equipment   

Smart Manufacturing

Control your factory assets with reliable sensor data and analytics

Research & Development

We build Proof Of Concept and retrofitting to reduce downtime 

HPC Technologies



Compute power to tackle your high-end simulation or post-production jobs.



Scalable infrastructure to face critical situations and manage most demanding operations.

Computer Programming


Software and development environment to fully leverage your HPC system and solve most complex problems.

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